E-Health Solutions

We AustinOne technologies are determined to help you with all you need. We, AustinOne technology specialize in health information exchange, health image exchange, medical record and other reports retreival, health report aggregation, health record indexing, intelligent health records. As new technology and improvements arise, technological strides with inside the scientific and healthcare enterprise grow in tempo as well. The emergence of virtual healthcare answers has enabled hospitals, clinics, and different healthcare centers to significantly beautify the shipping of scientific products and services to their patients. From helping scientific specialists in detecting critical illnesses at their earliest degree to decreasing scientific mistakes to taking part in a scientific case, virtual healthcare software program answers have allowed for those and more. Looking from an enterprise perspective, virtual healthcare structures assist customers to enhance their profitability exponentially.

Our e-health solutions includes:

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote training and assistance
  • Remote surgery