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Digital solutions have made it possible for businesses to rethink the way they will tackle problems in simple, efficient, innovative, potential and scalable ways. These digital solutions and technologies can work together or apart, supplying you with the liberty to select and blend the proper solutions to fit your needs. And sometimes, the simplest solution can be the most effective.


Asset tracking is that, the process of capturing vital information on or from the status and site of assets using scanners to detect barcodes or RFID tags for asset verification. As an alternate to scanning, data are often entered manually into a central asset register. The register should offer a fully-customizable fields for recording most valuable asset data.


We, AustinOne technologies are well equipped in every field just for helping you with your needs. We provide the best inclass safety programmes for you with an open analytics platform.We will eliminate all ind of risky driving that would leads to collisions. We will help you to understand the highest risks. We will get you the information when you needed them the most.


We specialize in health information exchange, image exchange, medical record retreival, health record aggregation, referral management, health record indexing, intelligent health records.